797 is pretty new to the state college downtown life scene. I would probably rate them around a 4. I would say that they don't have their identity figured out quite yet. By this I mean, they claim to be a sports bar yet have a stage and a dance floor with djs and music and not many tvs. Where there are tv's there are not many seats. Since they play the music so loud, if there is a sports game on television you can't even hear it. The only good thing about it is there is usually never a line. For the prices they charge for the drinks(way more than other bars in state college), i'd like to see the alcohol come out of the bottle. I once paid 11.00 for a pitcher of "captain" and gingerale out of the mystery gun. Let's just say the captain was lacking. If you like bar food though, the sliders with the curly fries are delicious. So it is okay to go sit outside and grab a bite to eat before going to a real enjoyable bar for the evening.