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General Discussion Posted: "What is being built at Southside works?"
In Category: General Discussion · Jul 16 2012 01:31 AM
Last Post by: Statler and Waldorf's Picture Statler and Waldorf
4 Posts Comments:
I hope so. They've been talking about that place for a while, and I think they are going to do live entertainment.After playing Southside Works EXPOSED this weekend, I know that done right, there can be good places to get drunk and sing "Jessie's Girl" in this city!

News Posted: "Vote and enter to win in the 2011 Best Bar Survey"
In Category: News · Dec 20 2011 06:44 PM
Last Post by: MomJo's Picture MomJo
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I wish you guys would expand your voting to include entertainment as well. There are some good DJ's (and even a couple good bands, COUGH SHAMELESS PLUG) that wouldn't mind the recognition.Since the City Paper's "Best of" is a joke now, it would be a great way to grow your exposure.

User Reviews Posted: "Frankie I's Bar and Grille"
In Category: User Reviews · Dec 09 2011 10:06 AM
Last Post by: Spiffysean's Picture Spiffysean
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Frankie I's/Auggie's Roadhouse was one of the first "bigger" places that Walk of Shame played. The staff is great, and part of me misses playing there.The downside is load-in for bands, and playing in a barn means sometimes in the Summer it gets SUPER hot up on the stage. The food is great - everything from good wings to steak and crablegs. Pretty much something for everyone.With Jay's ... View More
In Category: General Discussion · Nov 05 2011 03:35 AM
Last Post by: Hammer's Picture Hammer
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Mike is horrible... Period. He's like some wannabe Euro-trash wearing shirts that don't fit his middle aged ass. I played at 5ive back when they opened and were doing acoustic shows on the patio. He ends up canceling me with no notice on a very busy Friday - doesn't pay me, thanks for playing.I love Karma when it hits piece of shit bar owners. The problem is that for every bar that tries to ... View More
General Discussion Posted: "Ref's / Dirty Harry's Closed"
In Category: General Discussion · Nov 05 2011 03:29 AM
Last Post by: Hammer's Picture Hammer
26 Posts Comments:
I know Grey Area is doing some shows at Rex, but that's about it lately. Shame too - I like that place.So is nightlife in Pittsburgh over? Is it a bad thing to "thin the herd" a bit?

General Discussion Posted: "Carson Street Live Station Square"
In Category: General Discussion · Aug 04 2011 01:11 PM
Last Post by: djcouple's Picture djcouple
28 Posts Comments:
I'd say Carson St. LIVE might be the biggest disappointment in the history of Station Square. The place/concept had a TON of potential that just never was recognized.The issue is that the management does not have anyone there who knows anything about live music booking, marketing, or promotion. The girl who is in charge of sales/marketing for Bar Room does an awesome job with the club, but is ... View More
General Discussion Posted: "Firehouse and Embury closing Aug. 1 "
In Category: General Discussion · Aug 03 2011 10:36 AM
Last Post by: pghrebel10's Picture pghrebel10
11 Posts Comments:
It means it will be closed in 6 months just like 5ive.

User Reviews Posted: "Jay's Sports Bar & Restaurant"
In Category: User Reviews · Jul 07 2011 01:28 PM
Last Post by: davecli's Picture davecli
3 Posts Comments:
My band "Walk of Shame" played there when we started out (until about a year ago) Some of the staff was great to us, but they seemed to turn over a lot, which hurt for developing a relationship.My biggest complaint with the place was the cost of everything. They were charging a 6-8 dollar cover just to get in, and then beers/drinks were upwards of $4 a pop. I understand that there are not many ... View More
General Discussion Posted: "Cinco De Mayo"
In Category: General Discussion · Apr 19 2011 02:12 AM
Last Post by: nefft's Profile nefft
16 Posts Comments:
Agreed. I honestly didn't even think about it, but I don't have anything booked for Walk of Shame yet. I'll look around. Maybe something in Station Square?

General Discussion Posted: "Carson Street Live"
In Category: General Discussion · Mar 06 2011 05:22 AM
Last Post by: SaraO's Picture SaraO
10 Posts Comments:
Well I was there! Here's my recap:For the people who remember the layout of Matrix, it's similar, but with some modifications and improvements. The hip-hop room remains more of a club/Whim-style room with your standard half-naked go-go dancers, thumping bass, etc. The old 80's room has been transformed into a pretty cool "live" entertainment room. Carson St. Live is bringing in some of the ... View More
User Reviews Posted: "Backdraft"
In Category: User Reviews · Feb 16 2010 04:45 AM
Last Post by: hancock's Picture hancock
6 Posts Comments:
I must say, I also love Backdraft. It's a neighborhood bar that does it right. Granted, I'm a little bit biased because my band, "Walk of Shame" basically got our start there. They were the first tiny place that gave us a shot to play, so I'm forever in their debt.That being said, they do a lot of things right at Backdraft. First and foremost, the bartenders are hot, and know how to a) make ... View More
User Reviews Posted: "Cadillac Ranch"
In Category: User Reviews · Dec 18 2009 07:38 AM
Last Post by: pregame's Picture pregame
6 Posts Comments:
Did they have any entertainment going on?

User Reviews Posted: "The Lighthouse"
In Category: User Reviews · Nov 12 2009 04:53 AM
Last Post by: asshat's Picture asshat
3 Posts Comments:
My band and I played out there for one of the VH1 "Save the Music" National Tour Stops. I have to say I agree - Everyone is super nice. Sweet Lou, Lacey, and the rest of the people there did a great job of keeping a steady flow of Jager coming my way, to the point where I nearly forgot the words by the end of the set!The location is rough, but it's a great live music venue!

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