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What is BarSmart FU?

No, it’s not a new form of martial arts that involves beer and nunchucks... it’s our newest tool to help you track updates on the posts that are important to you, the posts that you have created, and even the replies you have made to someone else's post.

Introducing: BarSmart Follow Ups!

We have enabled this service for all of our readers and by default, the email setting is set to send you email notifications for all replies to your posts and replies. Yes we understand some of you may not want this space-age convenience, so we also made it easy to change!

When posting a new topic or when you participate in a thread (topic) you'll see a new option labeled “Follow This! Email me when someone:”

This allows you to change your settings on-the-fly or if you prefer, you can change the default setting in your users settings page

Follow options:

There are now many ways to follow forums messages on BarSmart, you can follow a topic that you did not start nor participated in by clicking the follow options at the top of the page:

Of course, whenever you create a new post or reply, you can set your follow options there as well! When making a reply, whatever you set your option to be, will apply to the entire topic!

Managing Your Follow Ups:

To view your followed posts click your username in the upper left corner, and choose the following tab:

You will then get a list of all of the poss you are following.

If you accidentally unfollow a thread, you still have a chance to change your settings by choosing the items in red and making changes there.


  1. You can follow a topic you did not create nor post to
  2. When you create a topic you can follow it
  3. When you make a reply you can follow the entire thread or just replies to your reply
  4. When making a reply you can adjust your follow settings
  5. You can also change your default settings in your user profile
  6. You can also unfollow followed threads via your user profile
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