The inferno is by far my favorite spot in State College. The food is good during the resturant hours and the bar feels like a "real bar." The prices are a bit higher than everywhere else but not during happy hour. They have really interesting mixed drinks, bottle service, and a good mix of top shelf liquor. IF YOU GO YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE HAND DRYERS. Don't ask. Blue moon is always on special if you like that. They started having a small outdoor seating are which is nice, but all the windows swing fully open so just grab a seat by the front if you want some fresh air. They started having dj's on weekends which is different. The place has more of a downtown city vibe than most of the college bars with plywood floors around here. If you are looking for good drinks and good atmosphere and you are not hung up on price this is the place for you. Good for a date or just a night out with friends, but if you close the place the lights wil get turned on at 2:15... not much leway on that one.